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The capital Phnom Penh is home to a broad variety of venues for cocktails. But few places have managed to combine as many features as Le Moon.

Located in the touristic epicenter of city, the riverside, our lounge offers a 270 degree view of the 2 rivers (Mekong & Tonle Sap) plus a good chunk of the city. Our team of bartenders can make any generic and international cocktail, moreover, they have created a series of original cocktails that can only be ordered here.

The river and the wide open space before our building allows constant flow of fresh air, swiping the terrace, so it is never too hot !

Below Le Moon Rooftop, on the ground floor, you will find one of the first brasserie established in Phnom Penh, back in 2002. Kwest restaurant was one of the first modern venues in the capital.

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This April

Special offer

To beat the heat of the dry April, Le Moon has a special offer on all “frozen” cocktails. Offer valid on Fridays: buy 2 get one more free of charge.

Frozen Fever